SNODLAND COMMUNITY CENTRE & COVID-19: throughout the pandemic, a cautious approach has been adopted by the Community Association in a concerted effort to keep users and staff as safe as possible. Although the government has announced a relaxation of rules from 19th July, a strict protocol will still be in place at the community centre for the foreseeable future.

Regular users are used to this protocol and will continue to sanitise their hands on entry, as well as sanitise any furniture, equipment or contact points that they employ during their hire. Track & Trace or the NHS App will also remain in place.

From late July, one-off events such as parties will also be allowed for the first time for over a year. However, neither hall will be operating at its official capacity until 2022 at the earliest  with the main hall being limited to 100 and the Paddlesworth Rooms to 50. For some events, security will be employed to ensure that these figures are adhered to.

The organisers of one-off events will be expected to encourage their guests to act responsibly so that they keep themselves and others safe. Again, all guests will be expected to sign in for Track & Trace or to use the NHS App. To minimise the danger of covid, they should act sensibly, spreading themselves  around the hall rather than congregating in clusters and wearing masks where it is thought appropriate.

Guests will be discouraged from congregating around the bar area and it is suggested that one person from each table be designated to get the drinks for each table to minimise queuing at the bar. A table will be available where used glasses and empty bottles can be placed.

At the end of the event, as has always been the case, hirers will be expected to sweep the floors and clean the tables in preparation for a deeper cleaner later.

In this cautious way, we hope to get the community centre slowly back to some form of normality, while ensuring that we all stay safe. 


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Who are we?


Snodland Community Association is a charitable organisation, set up in 1981, with the intention of providing the expanding town of Snodland with its own community centre.

Fundraising for the community centre had been begun by a hardworking group of volunteers even before SCA was created, and it was not until 4th July 1987 that the first phase of the building was completed with a special Carnival being held to celebrate.  Click here for a brief history of Snodland Community Centre

As a charity, Snodland Community Association ensures that all of its profits are ploughed back into the community centre.

Image of SnodlandOur aim

is to provide a top class venue for community events, whether they be leisure, sporting or educational, at a very competitive price.

We offer…

Wonderful views of the North Downs from Snodland Community Centre

The vision completed at last!

After it was opened in 1987, Snodland Community Association had always planned to expand the community centre, so that it could better meet the needs of an expanding town. Taking note of users’ comments and working in close liaison with the Town Council, the vision which has taken over thirty years to realise took shape during 2013.

Celebrating the National Lottery award

Celebrating the National Lottery award

The funding for the project was gradually acquired, the main contributors being Berkeley Homes, Kent County Council, Snodland Partnership, Snodland Community Association, Snodland Town Council and Malling Lions.
During August 2013 the final piece of the jigsaw was put in place when the National Lottery informed us that it was willing to provide funding of £50,000, which meant that the building of the extension could begin in January 2014. The extension, named the Paddlesworth Rooms and the new changing rooms were finally opened in September 2014.
Community Centre extension start

Turning the first sod (January 2014)

Despite very wet weather during the winter and a delay of several months, the newly extended community centre was formally opened on 5th September 2014. This was followed by an open day the next day when members of the public were invited to tour the new facility. See the early progress of this building project by clicking on building the extension.

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